RV Friend Network

Meet Our Team

The RV Friend Network team of professionals is a diverse bunch. Our team has a wide array of experience that comes together to form a perfect union: from the leadership side we have over 30 years of experience in the RV industry, while from the development side we have experience in successfully managing and building the world’s largest “Travel Social Networking” site with over 15 million users worldwide in virtually every country on the globe. We are committed with experience and focused with dedication and passion to deliver the most exciting and useful social network for RVers and RV dreamers on the web… RVillage.com

We pride ourselves on maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client, employee, and user with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of creatives with the diverse skills needed to create the most exciting RV Social Network platform in the world.


Curtis Coleman


With over 30 years experience as an RV owner, enthusiast, and full time RVer, Curtis brings his passion, knowledge, vision, and leadership experience to this unique company role.

A serial entrepreneur, Curtis’ lifetime achievements are particularly vast in nature. Most notably, Curtis is a former member of the world renowned folk singing group, “The New Christy Minstrels,” as well as a restauranteur, real estate investment specialist, web development advisor, and now the founder and creative force behind the platform that could very well change the face of RV travel as we know it.




Farley has a history of technical excellence at a number of companies including CouchSurfing, Apple Computer, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Bloodhound, nProgress Inc., Overnightprints, and Neon Surge. He’s authored hundreds of websites, numerous APIs, and a couple dozen mobile applications. Furthermore, he has managed servers and services for over 13 years.

Born in Southern California, Farley has since traveled the world over, living in a number of different cities and continents. He continues to travel passionately and grow his career and knowledge-base.




With a fervor for organizing and planning, Hillary is responsible for managing the daily operations of the RV Friend Network LLC. In addition, she works directly with our CEO and administrative team to ensure they meet organizational goals and project deadlines.

Hillary loves cooking, working in her garden, building large art sculptures. Often you’ll find her cruising the west coast in a converted shuttle bus.




With a background in Product and Project Management, System Architecture, and Software Engineering at companies like Couchsurfing.com and Genentech, Cameron brings his energy, knowledge, and experience to RVillage. His dedication to the company and the platform make him a valuable asset as well as a friend.




Bobbie is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer with 14 years of experience in print and digital media. She has worked with a gamut of clients including American Ninja Warrior PJ Camargo, The Lorain County RV Show, Neff Bros RV, and Lorain County Community College.

After growing up in Southern California, Bobbie traveled the US and lived in a number of different cities. She is currently located in Arizona and is working on her goal of taking her family on an extended RV trip across the US.




Have you ever felt held back by lack of time and wished you could clone yourself so you could get everything done, when you want to get it done, the way you want it done? Meet Christina, she’s an expert on that, with over 15 years experience in mass marketing, media, sales & ad creation. She was born in Orange County, California and grew up in The Pacific Northwest. In her spare time she is a history and science super nerd, with a daughter who is marrying in the fall.




Jessie knows what it takes to get users to perform the actions for engagement. She provides a great eye for design and usability. She has years of experience in the startup world at CouchSurfing and Sovolve, plus an extensive repertoire working with international teams. With such experiences, Jessie is poised to be a driving force behind user retention and viral growth. She manages our Development Team to ensure that RVillage is always innovating in new ways to meet the needs of the social RV community.

After growing up in San Francisco, Jessie has traveled the world collecting unique experiences. She loves chocolate, SciFi movies, and memes.




A former digital marketing slave, Ann launched herself 6 years ago as a successful Social Media Guru. She was inspired to specialize in managing social media accounts for RVing and camping related companies by her passion for the outdoors, camping, hiking, and road trips.

British born, she’s usually found kayaking oceans, rafting canyons, biking trails, or hiking mountains. You can find her living between Costa Rica and Colorado. Ann’s outgoing spirit gives her a great knack for creativity, sparking conversations and engagement!




With over 20 years in the web industry, a full-time RVer chasing the best weather, and a passion for networking people, Cinn brings experience and enthusiasm to the team, facilitating the RVoices Blog to be a place for RVillagers to voice their experiences from the road.

Cinn spent two decades in coastal Northern California, and now travels all over the west, wintering in the southwestern deserts. When she's not behind a computer screen or driving to her next beautiful boondocking spot, she is out capturing the natural landscapes with her camera, and meeting other interesting nomads along her route.




Patte is a full-time RVer who has an eye for detail and a passion for research. She retired from the legal field as a paralegal/legal assistant and draws on her experience to manage the RVillage store and assist the administrative team with various tasks.

In her spare time, Patte loves to sew and craft (an industry she has been involved in for 30+ years). You can find her posting in several of the RVillage craft/sewing groups and even see her at a campground with her sewing machines making “stuff”.




Trenlin uses her past experience as an architect/engineer to analyze situations and figure out where she’s needed most. Her creativity has been honed by years as and artist and translates perfectly to eye-catching imagery on our site. A natural penchant to explore and figure out how things work makes her wonderfully suited to helping members solve their issues.

In her free time, Trenlin is an artist, an adventurer, and a sci-fi novelist. She is enjoying her time living in Mexico as a full time RVer by spending lots of time in the sun.




As part of the engineering leadership, Steve is responsible for managing software engineering group and software consultants. This job involves executing projects to deliver high quality products on time. In that vein, he’s pushing for continuous improvement, driving the direction of the technology, and leading a software engineering team.

Steve interacts extensively with cross-functional groups such as Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance, 3rd party software vendors, and Professional Services. In this role Steve is managing employees distributed across multiple countries and timezones.


Trusted Advisors

Richard Florea.jpg

Richard Florea

Richard W. Florea served as President and CEO of Skyline Corporation, one of America’s leading mobile home manufacturer. Prior to joining Skyline, Mr. Florea served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Dutchmen Manufacturing, Inc., one of the industry’s leading brand of travel trailers. Mr. Florea brings his tremendous value creation strategies and substantial knowledge of the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries to the RV Friend Network leadership team.


Sue Bray

Sue spent the bulk of her extensive career as the Executive Director for the Good Sam Club for over 31 years. During her tenure, the Good Sam Club grew from 200,000 members to more than one million families. In 2009, Sue was the 9th woman to be inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame.


Chris & Cherie


Technomads Chris & Cherie have been living full time on the road since 2006. They’re currently RVing the USA in a geeked-out vintage bus conversion, building community as they go. With no home base – they work remotely as freelance application & software developers, technology consultants, writers and strategy advisors.

They bring an extensive experience in development and mobile technology, and being long time social RVers. Chris and Cherie have a unique perspective to bridge the technical aspects with a solid understanding of the needs of a RVing social network. They managed our focus groups and beta testing, interfacing with our development and leadership