Press Mentions

We are thrilled to have press mentions in the following media sources:

Blog Articles

“There’s something special going on here.”

“Now, before you immediately say, “I don’t need another social network” check out the special features offers.”

– RV.Net by Chris Guld

“Check it out, I think this new social network is going to be a winner!”

Gypsy Journal RV by Nick Russell

“So, we think RVillage is a wonderful concept, and we’re excited that RV-Dreamers can use it as a tool to connect more easily, organize get-togethers, and keep track of each other.”

– RV-Dreams Journal  by Howard Payne (A review and tutorial!)

“The best part of this lifestyle is meeting so many people from all walks of life. Everyone has a story to tell, and RVillage will really open up the floodgates when it comes to making connections on the road.”

– Gypsy Roamers by Jim & Gayle

“It’s kinda the wave of the future!”

– Living the RV Dream Podcast by John & Kathy Huggins

“It was a realization of something we had wished for in all our years on the road .. we knew we couldn’t NOT be involved.”

– Technomadia by Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy

(note: they are advisors to RV Friend Network)

“This cool new site enables RVers of like interest to meet-up during their travels… We totally love it!”

– WheelingIt.Us by Nina Fussing

“I’ve spent the past three weeks poking around on it in private, and there is no doubt in my mind, RVillage has the potential to be a revolutionary new community building tool for RVers that is unlike any forum, club, or Facebook group out there.”

Interstallar Orchard – by Becky Schade

“So my experience is that it’s fun to be part of something that’s starting off as a true community of like-minded folks who love to RV. “

Malia’s Miles – by Malia Lane

“What is RVillage? Well picture Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Allstays and Google Maps all put together in one package specifically designed for RV’ers!”

Zee Travelers – Hey Duke

“I thought this was a great idea and immediately signed up. If you enjoy your RV and you enjoy meeting people I think this is something you want to do.”

– Amazing Vanstones by Larry Vanstone

“We were quickly impressed by what this site could do in making connections on the road.”

– Liv2RV by Jonell Anderson

“We are very excited about this new site, and hope you will take time to explore the site and see if it is for you.”

What’s Newell by Clarke Hockwald

User Reactions on Twitter & Facebook:

“RVillage is to Rving what eBay was to garage sales. Bravo!”

“I didn’t think I needed another social network, but this is looking pretty cool for RV’ers:” – @boyink

“This might be what RVers are looking for. It looks to have many uses. Try it out.” – @geeksontour is like Facebook, except everyone there posts about cool stuff and not their grandkids. #finally” – @brenthomer