Want to help make RVillage even better?

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. If you have experience in any of the below areas, send a note to us at support@rvfriendnetwork.com with the subject line “Join our team” for more information. 


Why should you join our team?

Our team is a collection of passionate, experienced people working to make RVillage the thriving community it is now. We’re interested in RVing and making a space for RVers to connect with each other, which is one of the biggest challenges that RVers face. There’s really nothing else like RVillage and you have the opportunity to make it better, along with the rest of the gang.

Please see the team page for more information about who we are.


What’s available?


Web Development

PHP, CSS, Java, HTML, and Bootstrap are useful areas of expertise


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and spreading the word internally are what is required



MailChimp, email campaigns, Facebook campaigns, press releases, brand management, A/B testing, and creative marketing strategies are important skills



Prior experience with the RVing community, self starting initiative, previous sales experience, and a can do attitude are essential


Have a great idea of how you can help

If you have a great idea about how you can help, we would love to hear it. Who knows, your skills might be exactly what we need in the newest person to join our team.