Find the answers to your questions of “if and why” you should become a Charter Park below, and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you by using the chat option, email, or scheduling an appointment.


Should you become a Charter Park:

Do you want members to talk about you and you want to talk about our members?

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You want others to talk about you and you want to talk about others!

There are over 100K people in RVillage all talking!

Most importantly, they are not just talking, they are connecting and developing relationships. Many of them may be talking about you and your park. Every time a member talks about you in RVillage, your name is exposed in the Home Feed to all of our members. Now that’s exposure.

The opposite is also true. When you post a comment about someone visiting your park (via your park feed) like, “Looking forward to having the Smiths back this weekend and Sally the Wonder Dog!”, you are establishing yourself as a valued member of the community and not just a lifeless entity on a page.


Do you want to stay connected to guests after they leave your park? (like friends do!)

You want to stay connected to guests even after they leave your park (like friends in communities do!)

Don’t you hate it when you meet great people, spend a few days together, and then they are gone! Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in touch, keep them up to date on the awesome things going on in your park, and even follow them on their future journeys. Well you can do all of that within your park page and using your park manager account. People aren’t just in RVillage when they are camping, they also check into their home base and then stay connected between trips. Don’t miss these opportunities to continue to build those relationships.

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Do you understand the importance of social but you just don't have time to "Do Social?"

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You don't have time to "Do Social!"

We talk to a park owner or manager almost every day who says,

“It’s not that I don’t know being active in social media is important, I just don’t have time to do social!”

We get it! In fact, because we get it we developed the Park Host! The Park Host is a live person, not a computer bot, who will welcome your guests as they arrive and check into your park in RVillage and then they will thank them as they leave (check-out.)

<Add something about posting to another social channel if approved.>


Do you want immediate visibility to RVer's in your area and to stand out in the crowd?

You want immediate visibility to RVer's in your area and to stand out in the crowd!

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RVillage is the only online tool that let’s you connect with RVers in your area in real time. (If you haven’t already, watch the video about this.) As our members pass within 200 miles of your locations you can create a pop up message that will be delivered to them via text message, email and desktop notification. Additionally, as a Charter Park Member the map pin that our members see will stand out with our Charter Park Pin. This tells RVillagers that you are not just a park, you are a participant in our community!


Do you need help with reputation management?

You'd love some healp with reputation management!

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Don’t you hate it when you have that one day when something just slips by you and it seems everyone (or at lease someone) notices and wants to tell the world via a scathing review on one of the many platforms on the web? Today more than ever, reputation management is critical. And the best thing is that RVillage can not only help you manage it we can often help you stop it before it happens. Our Park Host, the same person we told you about in Reason 3, will not only welcome and thank your guest, they will also monitor the conversations on your park page and if someone is upset and post something, they will immediately respond with something like, “Thank you for making us aware of this situation, we are looking into it right now!” Then they will notify you so that you can take action. Statistically we have been able to tell based on our data, that when an issue is dealt with immediately, 90% of people will not go to another location to post a negative comment.


Do you want to participate in the growing community of RVers where real and lasting friendship are made every day rather than just administrate your park?

You don't want to just administrate your park, you want to participate in the growing community of RVers where real and lasting friendship are made every day!

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Running a park is a lot of hard work. We often hear park managers say they sometimes feel like they miss out on the best part of being a park manager because they are so busy administrating! With RVillages desktop and mobile apps, you can easily stay connected with visitors to your park, other park managers, members of groups where you have similar interests, and even future visitors. By building relationships with others withink RVillage, you not only increase your opportunity for success and growth in your park, but also as an individual!

RVillage is a community of individuals, couples, entrepreneurs, park owners, park managers, wanna be rvers, and even major corporations. And the more we all connect, the better we all are!


You can Become an RVillage Charter Park today!

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