Reason 5:

You'd love some healp with reputation management!

Don’t you hate it when you have that one day when something just slips by you and it seems everyone (or at lease someone) notices and wants to tell the world via a scathing review on one of the many platforms on the web? Today more than ever, reputation management is critical. And the best thing is that RVillage can not only help you manage it we can often help you stop it before it happens. Our Park Host, the same person we told you about in Reason 3, will not only welcome and thank your guest, they will also monitor the conversations on your park page and if someone is upset and post something, they will immediately respond with something like, “Thank you for making us aware of this situation, we are looking into it right now!” Then they will notify you so that you can take action. Statistically we have been able to tell based on our data, that when an issue is dealt with immediately, 90% of people will not go to another location to post a negative comment.