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About RVillage


RVillage is built by RVers for RVers. The RVillage platform is the internet’s largest & most active social network of RVers, RV enthusiasts, RV dreamers, and nomadic travelers. RVillage consists of hundreds of thousands of RVers who share their stories and information with each other, creating a community based on freely given peer to peer information and vast knowledge of their lifestyle.


RVillage is a free to use platform which aims to connect these people not only with their passion for their lifestyle, but also with each other no matter where they roam. Using smart geolocation and location based notification technologies, RVillagers can easily connect with each other where they are, where they are going, and along their way. Our goal is to be a provider of social and digital tools to improve the RV lifestyle and travel experience for anyone interested in this lifestyle. We have built a trusted canvas for individuals, families, and even businesses in the RV community to share information, ideas and their experience with each other.